NATUROPATHY - Dr. Luigi Di Vaia

Founder of the DAPHNE LAB, laboratories with new technologies for tests of food intolerances, recognized from studies of Italian National Health Facilities with repeatability of 94%. He founded the Daphne group in 2009 with the Franchising section of DAPHNE CENTER clinics of the natural, prevention and wellness all over Europe, the Kosmethica company of production of natural artisan skin- cosmetics, with brands such as Wassage the water massage, figures of the Nutricologo, nutri-hygienist, specific courses of naturopathy and "technical operator of wellness". Naturopath Luigi Di Vaia was born in 1973 and in 2002 obtained his first university degree in Naturopathy in Brussels; author of many articles and writings, including a book on Food Intolerances.

Di Vaia Luigi organizes courses of TOW Technical Operator of Wellness, courses of food intolerances, Intestinal dysbiosis, Mineralogram, Nutricology, courses Wassage water massages, reiki.

In 2004 was born the first big society of laboratories of test of third generation, Dr. Luigi Di Vaia founded Daphne Lab that uses patents of third generation technologies to make analysis at 94% of reliability of food intolerances, mineralograms, dysbiosis and functional tests called BioMetaTest. In 2008 he received the ISO 9001 certification for the processes of Sincert Quality.