Naturopath - Dr. Luigi Di Vaia curriculum

Luigi Di Vaia becomes docteur en naturopathy  in Brussels in 2002 with the thesis in chromotherapy and later in homeopathy for arthritic disorders. In 1994 he realizes, in cooperation with some physicists at the University of Padova, a class of meta-substances for the amplification of the bio-signals, and immediately he can apply this patent in the field of a new technology for the analysis of the fields of food intolerance and metabolic tests. The 2004 is the year in which he founded the laboratories Daphne Lab that become a reference point for all European naturopathy in the use of an innovative diagnostics. The Daphne Lab receives Sincert certification of Quality ISO 9001 in 2008. With an active network of agents in Italy he starts a work of unprecedented expansion in 2009 and has well 900 Daphne Points all over Italy. The third generation of tests are rendered in detail way in several courses at the ASL (Italian Governamental Facility of Health) facilities and in a book about food intolerances that dr. Luigi Di Vaia is its author.

Di Vaia Luigi is the founder of the Holistic massage that gets recognition from the Campania Region, of courses of TOW Technical Operator of Wellness, of courses Wassage the Water massage, the new massage in the water, acclaimed and widely appreciated by the public. As well as courses of Nutricologo. The first courses of Wassage are organized in Ischia in thermal pools and are included in the holistic disciplines of CSEN which important disciplines for the CONI technical license.In 2009 it stars of the big project in Franchising of the Daphne Center such great polyclinics centers of wellness and prevention at European level. The Ecoelia’s project for an Ethics discipline is an integration of the Bioethics and of the respect for the environment, in which every professional naturopath associated will underwrite principles and standards. Expert of aesthetic massage and expert in phytotherapy and herbalist recognized in European ambit.