Naturopath Dr. Luigi Di Vaia

It was founded in 2004 as the first leader laboratory in the world to use the meta-substances as third-generation Palladium technology for tests of food intolerances and advanced bioenergetics tests.

Project in franchising of the first Center of wellness’s polyclinics. The only center in Europe to have a wellness networks system to manage professionals of wellness associated to in equipped studios to prevent and naturopathy.

Company of artisan skin-cosmetics with a wide catalogue of products for the aesthetics and natural cosmetics. Courses of emotional aesthetic and holistic massages.

Courses of massages in thermal water, a soft message in thermal pool that lasts an hour of wellness in a natural warm embrace as an amniotic pamper.

A network of agents planned by a call center, for the representation of many products of Daphne Group including live DVD of courses, books, tests, draining products, and services of naturopathy.
Dr. Luigi Di Vaia, graduated in Naturopathy in Brussels, study of naturopathy for consulting, owner of laboratories Daphne Lab, president of the Daphne Group. Holistic massages, reiki, food intolerances tests, tests of intestinal dysbiosis, mineralogram’s test, consulting of naturopathy, formulations food supplements, naturopathy’s courses.