Courses of naturopathy - Dr. Luigi Di Vaia

The fundamental projects and courses of naturopathy of Dr. Luigi Di Vaia concerning natural medicine and naturopathy of new generation. Especially the conveyance, through Ecoelia, of a new type of ethical consciousness that unites bioethics, social ethics and respect for the environment in a large single directive. Projects of naturopathy are courses are of six meetings ASL (Italian Governamental Facility of Health) organized in Naples, medicine’s courses organized in Friuli, holistic masseur courses, courses of Reiki master and PNL, projects of new biomedical technologies. And the first European portal of Naturopaths Registry.

Di Vaia Luigi projects the first course of avataric Reiki master within the teaching project of a advanced course of naturopathy for the development of inner awareness. The first course of Wassage as massage in thermal water and the first courses for wellness professionals in the netwell’s view, the new management of integration of the wellness network.    After the project of a laboratory for tests of third generation of food and metabolic intolerances, Luigi Di Vaia implements projects of nutritional supplements called 4-drainings, with the concept of modulation of the drain to climb to allow the body to detoxify from heavy metals and food slags without damages to the biological tissue. The four drainings have a potential of action especially morphologic for the four categories of Hippocrates: the bilious, the nervous, the lymphatic and the sanguine. All the integrated naturopathic protocols will be taught in the courses of naturopathy published and conducted by the teaching of Dr. Luigi Di Vaia, also expert in educational process for adults.