Works of naturopathy - Dr. Luigi Di Vaia

Published editorial works
The book food intolerances, I eat therefore I am they are the five secrets of Zen, the work on intolerances and toxic food allergies, written as essay and novel of a meeting with an ancient teacher who reveals five zen secrets to never find us more intolerant to anything and rediscover the foundations of a grail timeless.

New works
I present the Tao, comments to tao te ching. All the secrets to be tao and live better their own destiny, let your life flow without more social stress and cultural conditioning. A small book to be free from themselves and from any external influences.
Dossier food intolerances, will be presented throughout the scientific work of the third-generation tests on food intolerances, and presented at a press conference.
How to build small grail, technical knowledges in a novel to discover how to make an instrument that allows you to distill water according to ancient traditions of the Templars. Discovering how it is made the small grail against all types of small disease daily.
Esoteric anatomy, a illustrated book with many new aspects of anatomy symbolic.
The dark book of the elements, is a small sample of an ancient institution that dispenses secrets on the elements.
Iliad, an essay on a modern Iliad novel.
Chromotherapy, between light and color, in an optical and symbolic analysis, the double meaning of light in chromatic therapy.
Naturopathy clinic, NLP and L-PNEI with emotional integration in the field of naturopathic, history of naturopathy and natural medicine, naturopathy practice listening techniques. Are some of the work on DVD to be taken during the course of TOW Technical Operator of Wellness, the new figure of naturopath.